Small Dog Breeds Good With Kids – What To Pay Attention To

How many times have you seen Lassie saving Timmy? How about Rin Tin Tin or Rusty? But on the other hand, the negative stories are often caused by dog owners. A lot of dogs are abandoned when a baby shows up in a family. However, most owners fail to understand that both kids and dogs might represent a great source of joy. At the same time, an inappropriate care might turn this partnership into a real danger. So what can you do? should you buy a Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging stroller to keep your child away from the dog?

Training and socializing your dog must be started from day one. These are the key elements of how your dog will approach particular events in the future. Young dogs must be taught to accept people of all ages, so this connection between you and your pet is very important. It makes no difference if you plan to have a baby or your kids are already gone to college. One thing is for sure – dogs should be used to them. Otherwise, they will take babies for threats. They have sharp voices and quick moves, so the dog might feel threatened. Therefore, make sure that your dog is used with different types of actions around.

On the other hand, kids are supposed to learn how to behave around dogs too. Grabbing their nose, ears or tail is definitely not recommended, not to mention about chasing or hitting the dogs. Scaring them while they sleep may lead to both mild and severe accidents. Anyhow, dogs must be trained to accept being touched on any part of their body, not to mention about seeing their toys being taken away. Generally, just like people, dogs do have limits. Plus, they have both good and bad days, so education is the key for both parts.

Most small breeds tend to be friendly with kids if they are not abused or harassed, whether you think about bichons (all varieties), Brussels Griffon, Coton De Tulear, Yorkshire terrier or Affenpinscher dogs. However, keep in mind that chihuahuas might be problematic, especially if they feel attacked. Unless someone in your family is home round the clock, it may not be a good idea to let them play together while the baby is still young.