Medium Dog Breeds

Probably the most popular sized dog you will see at any shelter is the medium sized breeds. Not too small, not too big they are easy to handle, fun to travel with and can be just the right size for many individuals and families. These dogs tend to be between 20 and 50 pounds and vary in breed, color, instinctual drives and temperaments. These dogs can make fantastic workers, hunting partners, herders and even agility champions. Before you decide that a medium sized dog is right for you, take a look into the purebreds and mixed breeds to learn what will fit best into your lifestyle.

The Versatility of Medium Sized Dogs

Because medium sized dogs aren’t too large, they are more easily controlled. For example, if you are out and about exercising your dog and an off leash dog comes bounding your way you just may be able to pick up your medium sized breed to prevent any scuffling. Meanwhile, because they are not tiny they can typically go for longer walks, more easily perform tasks such as herding and hunting, and you skip on the small dog stigma.

Some of the most commonly kept and loved medium sized dogs include:

  • Beagles are hard working hunting dogs with smooth, short coats and a keen nose. Their drive to track small game keeps their noses more interested in the ground than heeling by your side. They make amazing family companions, good with kids and tend to love other dogs.
  • Border Collies are driven herding dogs that always need a job to do, whether at home or on the farm. Their temperament makes them ideal for most family situations but must be socialized as they can become reserved towards people.
  • Samoyeds are on the larger end of the medium sized spectrum. Their outstanding and calm temperaments make them ideal for all family types as they get along well with kids and adults alike. Their fluffy white coats need daily attention.
  • Miniature Poodles are smaller versions of the standard Poodle and carries with them all the same characteristics aside from height. Highly intelligent and active, this breed can hunt, compete in agility, and even work as a service dog easily.
  • French Bulldogs are wonderful family companions with smooth, short fur and a sweet personality. Short but stocky, these dogs are best suited for families with little to moderate activity.

Each breed comes with their own quirks, needs and personality traits and with coats from non-shedding such as the Miniature Poodle to the double coated Samoyed. Researching the breed you are interested in is incredibly important for setting yourself up to succeed in your new relationship with your puppy or dog.

Size and Health

Large dogs are known to have shorter life spans and a plethora of health problems associated with their heft. Small dogs, while usually longer lived do not come without their own health challenges such as early tooth loss and eye problems that come from having a tiny skull. Medium sized dogs can often times obtain the same longevity of their smaller cousins, some even living into their early twenties! Meanwhile, they may not suffer as many health conditions as the large or small dogs including arthritis, bloat, and eye conditions.

Of course, every breed has its own genetic diseases that must be considered before you purchase or adopt your new canine companion. If you decide to get your next best friend from an ethical breeder discuss with them the hereditary conditions that may be passed from generation to generation. Every breeder who strives to improve their breed of choice will be happy to show you the results from test screenings that their adult dogs have gone through as well as the care and prevention involving these conditions.

If you adopt from a rescue or shelter, you can have these genetic and health screenings done for your own dog even though he is already alters or you have no intentions to breed. Doing so will give you a heads up if any health conditions have been passed on, and give you a head start on how to handle it.

Medium sized dog breeds hold a very special place in the dog fancy, through their versatility, loyalty, longevity and ability to travel with us. These breeds have been selectively bred and chosen for their size to aid in whatever work, or companionship, they were originally intended for. This has not failed us even in today’s society. Whether you are looking for a best friend, hunting partner, or sheep herder a medium sized dog may be for you!