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Yorkiepoo—the Designer Dog Breed

It is amazing to see Hillary Duff carrying her yorkiepoo to every place she visits including dinner parties and it is equally disheartening to know that some ruthless thief stole ten-week-old yorkiepoo bought by John Schneider to gift her daughter on Christmas Eve. We all love dogs so when a celebrity is seen with her/his dog we automatically start admiring them and if the dog is yorkiepoo, we complement their taste.

About Yorkiepoo Breed
More often ‘yorkiepoo’ this name is hard to utter and difficult to pronounce but not that much hard to detect. Well, there is interesting history for this name because there are different names to this same breed like Yorkiedoodle, Yo-Yopoo, Yorkie-Poo, Yorkipoo and Yorkie Poo. You have to understand that all these names existed as it a cross between Yorkshire terrier and Poodle and not a purebred.

Origin of Designer Yorkiepoo Breed
Fondly called as designer breed, yorkiepoos are recently about a decade before become well-known and much appreciated dog breed. With a motive to create a toy-sized dog, having hypoallergenic fur coat; but, which is miles away from the genetic disorders usually noticed in the parent breed this breed was developed. Although it is said that the success achieved with his kind of breeding is limited in no time yorkiepoo became the most admired and loves breed among small dog lovers. One things you have to watch out for with this particular designer dog is ear infections. This is a common problem for both poodles and yorkies because of the hair in their ears so it would only be natural that a dog that is half of each would inherit this issue. There are different options you have to treat this problem but I really like this one, Banixx. This is available at most non chain pet stores and feed stores. As of now, there are no any yorkiepoo groups or registries available but efforts are underway to create the same for all yorkiepoo breeders.

Temperament of Yorkiepoo Dogs
When you want a fun loving, affectionate yet active dog who likes to be in the company of human yorkiepoo breed dogs are perfectly meant for you. Most of the times this breed is considered of royal niche as many of the high profile celebrities own them. However, serving as true companion yorkiepoo dog will participate in all your home and family activities that will compel you to treat them as one of your family members. Being confident, independent and fearless (Thanks to Terrier origin) this breed at the same time is less demanding compared to other breeds of small dogs.

If trained appropriately because they are completely trainable they will intelligently and obediently obey their owner’s orders. On the other hand being small and lovely they have, inborn tendency to be pampered so like to see world from their owners lap rather than exploring. It is good if you start socializing your yorkiepoo as early as possible because they are fond of socializing, meeting other people, playing with other dogs and experiencing different sounds, sights and experiences.

Remember there are few things that might affect temperament of your yorkiepoo like heredity, lack of socialization and failing to provide proper training. Therefore, it is essential that you provide good and loving care as well playful growth environment to your dog. Lastly, if possible meet at least one breeding parent so that you can understand personality traits of this breed and for elaborate understanding meeting one or two of its siblings will offer you an idea about how your yorkiepoo would be after growing up.

What You Need To Understand Before Petting Russell Terrier Dogs

When veterinarian named Cindy Bressler sued Mariah Carey for unpaid bills of nearly $30000 effective due to extraordinary care she provided for her three Russell Terrier dogs named Cha-Cha, Dolomite and JJ, people were immediately anxious about this breed of small dogs. This breed of dogs although small has amazing headstrong independence requires string attention from their owners for maintaining their even keel. You will come across many Russell Terrier’s in animal shelters that are unmanageable, as their owners never took efforts to train them or check them. Being one of the strong and energetic breeds that can be uncontrollably violent, at times it is highly suggested that only experienced dog handlers should only buy dogs of Russell Terrier breed.

Origin and Breed Information about Russell Terrier
As of now Russell Terrier we see are characterized due to two or tri-color patterns usually in brown, white and sometime black. It is evidently said that modern Russell Terrier’s are much more sturdy, muscular and attractive than their ancestors. Originally named as Fox Terrier current breed is names after Rev. John Russell. At that time, these dogs were used mainly for small hunting games especially for red fox and digging quarry from its cave. John Russell’s incredible understanding of Fox Terrier breed that is worshipped and admired even today made him notice the potential this dog has in being the world’s extraordinary hunting dog.

With an extensive breeding program to create, breed meeting needs of British Hunter, Russell came across British White Terrier with elegant tan spots on her eyes, ears and tail. Breeding Fox Terrier with White Terrier, Russell created breed of dogs having distinctive coloring patterns but having all the desired hunting traits necessary in hunting dog. Over time, Breeders have emphasized working ability, broad standards and aide range of body types in this breed. However, Jack Russell Terrier Association of America was not happy with this wide variety of body types so changed its name in 2003 to Parson Russell Terrier Associations of America. However, the working types and talents like hunting, tracking, agility and performing tricks remains those originally found in Jack Russell terrier.

Temperament of Russell Terrier
Although many experts have different opinions about the temperament of this breed, evidently it is proved that these dogs are cheerful, devoted, energetic and made for loving and caring. Being spirited and obedient, this probably is the only small dog breed, which is completely fearless. Careful towards owner at the same time enjoying their independence they are marvelous to watch while playing with toys and different games. Although this breed behaves well with children, it is necessary to teach children not to hit them or tease them.

The best thing about Russell Terrier dog is you show them and teach them to take an inch and they will conquer mile with their intelligence. Remember this breed likes to take order so you have to be their pack leader telling them about rules they need to follow and limitations they have in doing things. The only difference can be seen when you allow Russell Terrier to be his own boss, which we call Small Dog Syndrome giving way to different behavioral patterns.

It is better if you employ firm, strong and experienced dog trainer to train your Russell Terrier, as they are highly trainable. However knowing that this breed has string hunting instincts it is necessary to socialize them a lot. Due to its hunting instincts, this breed likes digging, barking, chasing and even exploring so you need to provide them enough space for all these activities.

Small Dogs that Stay Small

Puppies are, of course, adorable. Sometimes, it’s a shame when a puppy grows up and gets too big. Some people just like the look of small dogs better. Other people might not be able to properly accommodate a grown dog because of space, but a small dog would be just fine. When you are looking at small dogs, you want to make sure your dog stays small if you only have a little apartment to house them in.

Chihuahuas are small dogs that are known for always being small. Not even growing to be ten pounds, these dogs are perfect for somebody who does not have the space for a large dog. However, Chihuahuas are high energy dogs. They may not need a lot of space, but they definitely need the attention and the exercise.

If you’re looking for a dog that is not so high energy, but you still want the dog to be tiny, you might be in the marker for a Maltese. They stay very small, too, rarely reaching fifteen pounds. Unlike Chihuahuas, though, they have a much calmer disposition. They are made to be lounging dogs. They like to relax and stay at the house. They are low energy and just need to go out a couple of times a day to do their business, and then they are happy to stay inside sleeping by the window. They won’t give you too much trouble, and they are very comfortable around people. The Maltese also sheds very little compared to other dogs, which might make it better for people with allergies.

Yorkies are loyal and dependable dogs. They also look great with a bow in their hair. That’s another great selling point to Yorkies: they have hair instead of fur which makes them much better for people who have allergies. These terriors also like to go outside and jump around, though. They can also have a bit of a voice. They are protective and loyal. If a stranger comes in, they might get defensive. They always stay small, but, like Chihuahuas, they are high energy.

When you’re looking for a dog with style, you can’t get more classy than a miniature poodle. Not the smallest on the list by far, the miniature poodle is small enough to house in an apartment, though. They don’t get much bigger than 15 pounds, and the height requirements to make them a miniature poodle require that they stay between 10 and 15 inches tall at the shoulder. They need a daily walk but should be fine beyond that for exercise.