Top 3 Small White Dog Breeds

Whenever you buy a dog, you want one that will look amazing as a puppy and as an adult. People have different preferences and they want their dogs to look beautiful and lovely. Or at least this is how I feel. Unsurprisingly, plenty of people opt for small white dogs. If properly cared, their fur is bright and shiny, while the white appearance can make them glow in the night. So what are your options?

Havana Bichon
Havana bichons are intelligent, sociable and happy. They are attached to their masters and will always love to hang around them. As for kids, they get along very well, but with one condition. They tend to become sad if kids do not treat them nicely. However, every dog out there deserves some respect. When it comes to the maintenance, the Havana bichon needs at least three brushing sessions every week, only to clear the dead hair. The good news is that it never sheds, but then, you have to trim the hair around the feet and ears. Otherwise, it might encounter slight problems while walking.

Coton De Tulear
Coton De Tulear dogs represent the royal breed of Madagascar. Although it might be stubborn sometimes, it is normally very active and vigilant. The dog will never forget its master and loves everyone around, including kids or other animals. Even when it comes to strangers, these dogs will never attempt biting them if they are friendly with the master. However, since it has a thick fur, you have to brush it everyday for a few minutes. Shedding is not a problem either. As for bathing, it is highly recommended to do it once or twice a year. Make sure that you trim the excessive hair between the toes though.

Bichon Frise
Finally, the Bichon Frise is one of my favorite breeds because its face always looks friendly and joyful. It perfectly describes its behavior. The dog is very gentle and sociable, but quite friendly as well. It might be a little suspicious when it comes to strangers though. However, seeing them on a regular basis will give the dog some confidence. It has no problems with kids and other animals either. But then, just like for other similar breeds, the fur requires a lot of maintenance. It must be trimmed as well or it becomes problematic after a while. I had a few bichons before and I used the hair cropper once or twice a month. Make sure that you wash the dog on a regular basis too, especially if you want the fur to feel fluffy and bright. My bichons used to love the maintenance care, so they never caused any problems while cropping their hair or bathing them.

Small Dog Breeds Good With Kids – What To Pay Attention To

How many times have you seen Lassie saving Timmy? How about Rin Tin Tin or Rusty? But on the other hand, the negative stories are often caused by dog owners. A lot of dogs are abandoned when a baby shows up in a family. However, most owners fail to understand that both kids and dogs might represent a great source of joy. At the same time, an inappropriate care might turn this partnership into a real danger. So what can you do?

Training and socializing your dog must be started from day one. These are the key elements of how your dog will approach particular events in the future. Young dogs must be taught to accept people of all ages, so this connection between you and your pet is very important. It makes no difference if you plan to have a baby or your kids are already gone to college. One thing is for sure – dogs should be used to them. Otherwise, they will take babies for threats. They have sharp voices and quick moves, so the dog might feel threatened. Therefore, make sure that your dog is used with different types of actions around.

On the other hand, kids are supposed to learn how to behave around dogs too. Grabbing their nose, ears or tail is definitely not recommended, not to mention about chasing or hitting the dogs. Scaring them while they sleep may lead to both mild and severe accidents. Anyhow, dogs must be trained to accept being touched on any part of their body, not to mention about seeing their toys being taken away. Generally, just like people, dogs do have limits. Plus, they have both good and bad days, so education is the key for both parts.

Most small breeds tend to be friendly with kids if they are not abused or harassed, whether you think about bichons (all varieties), Brussels Griffon, Coton De Tulear, Yorkshire terrier or Affenpinscher dogs. However, keep in mind that chihuahuas might be problematic, especially if they feel attacked. Unless someone in your family is home round the clock, it may not be a good idea to let them play together while the baby is still young.

My Dog, the Poop Eater; Corprophagia

Probably one of the most offensive and unattractive things a dog or puppy can do is seek out an consume his own waste. This is such a common occurrence that almost anyone who has ever owned a dog has been witness to this canine practice. As pet owners and dog lovers, we want to protect our fur kids the same way any parent would and stop this habit. First though, we must learn why our precious pooches subject us to view this ghastly behavior so we can end it at it’s source!

The cause

There is speculation as to why dogs love to eat poop. Almost all dogs love to eat the feces of other animals, especially cats. This is most likely due to the taste aspect, as inconceivable as it may seem! Others may develop the habit of eating their own waste from puppy hood, particularly if they were not raised in a clean whelping pen. These dogs are also known to have potty training problems, unable to fully grasp the concept of not eliminating where his living quarters are!

Other reasons could be a lack in nutrition in the dog’s diet. In the wild, many species of animals including canines such as coyotes and wolves will eat their own feces to reabsorb passed nutrients. Check the quality of your dog’s food ingredients. Does your dog food brand of choice import a synthetic blend of vitamins and minerals or are all nutritional qualities in the kibble based from whole foods such as meats and vegetables? Consider switching to a fresh diet, either raw or cooked, to make sure your dog really is getting all the benefits of a healthy diet!

According to, dogs with illnesses such as Cushing’s disease and diabetes are also known to partake in corprophagia. Not only is the eating of stools unsightly and can make any human who views such a behavior to become disgusted, but it can actually cause harm to your dog. Especially when eating the fecal matter of other animals, the spread of internal parasites can become a danger. The use of a fecal exam from your veterinarian can rule out parasites that may cause the eating of feces as well as determine if your pooch ingested parasites while eating stool.

The fix

Probably the easiest and most obvious way to end your dog’s poop eating habit is to pick up his waste as soon as it hits the ground. Not only will this encourage cleaner habits for the both of you, but it will make it impossible for him to eat it if it is not within his reach! You can use regular plastic grocery store bags that you have saved after shopping trips to pick up dog waste, or purchase colorful bags made specifically for this purpose. Simply put your hand into the bag and pick up the waste, then turn the bag inside out and the poop is neatly in the bag without you touching it!

If your dog has been looked over by a veterinarian and there is no health concerns that could cause corprophagia, it is time to start looking into training techniques to dissuade your dog from continuing in this practice. Always take your dog to his elimination spot on leash, just as if you were house training him all over again. Right after he has finished going potty, he should be praised and moved away from the area. If you can, clean up the mess first and then have a play session. After doing this as a habit, he will learn that moving away from his potty place is far more fun than eating poop!

There are products on the market that is meant to make your dog’s poop distasteful so that he will not wish to eat it. These are usually meaty flavors chewable pills or powders that you add to his food or give as a treat. They are safe, and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t! It all completely depends on each individual dog. There are other items you can add to your dog’s food that some claim to make his feces unappetizing such as meat tenderizers, canned pumpkin, and vitamin-B complex. Again, it may work for some dogs, but not for all!

Your best bet is to simply keep your dog away from feces! Clean up after him the moment he has finished with his business so that he cannot turn around and eat his own waste. If on a walk and you come across another dog’s droppings you should be able to tell your dog to “Leave it!” on command so that he will walk away and provide his full attention back to you. Start teaching him this command indoors so that he gets the hang of it first! With a bit of training, a diet change and a vet check up your dog can quickly stop the act of corprophagia!